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On-line Protection for Computer Servers

The G Pro Series is the mighty turbo in the single phase ONLINE family of uninterruptible power supplies by MAESTRO. The G Pro Series provides reliable protection, also high-end applications and is extensively equipped to master all eventualities.

G PRO Series:

True on-line double conversion technology with integrated Static bypass mechanism. In normal operation, the G Pro Series converts the mains AC voltage into DC voltage which supplies a battery and an inverter with energy. The inverter generates a sine wave AC voltage which is permanently available at the output. If and when power problems strike, the battery delivers the required power to the inverter. The additional Bypass system integrated into the UPS device guarantees an unprecedented level of power supply security. In overload conditions the Bypass system automatically switches mains power directly through to the user. Using module design to improve reliability of the UPS, also simplify service maintenance.

G PRO Outstanding features :

Models GP 1000 VA GP 2000 VA GP 3000VA GP 4000 VA GP 5000 VA GP 6000VA
Power 1KVA / 700W 2KVA / 1400W 3KVA / 2100W 4KVA / 2800W 5KVA / 3500W 6KVA / 4200W
Input Input System Single Phase & Earth Ground
Rated Voltage 230 V AC
Voltage Range 138 V to 300 V (0 - 60 % Load), 138 ~ 161 V to 300 V (60 % ~ 80 % Load) 161 ~ 184 V to 300 - 286 V (80 % ~ 100 % Load)
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz +/- 5 Hz (Auto Sensing)
Power Factor Factor > 0.99 @ Full Load
Voltage Range Of Bypass 230 V AC ± 1 % (Adjustable)
Output Output System Single Phase & Earth Ground
Rated Voltage 220 / 230 / 240 V AC
power Factor 0.7
Voltage Precision ± 1 %
Normal Mode Freq. 45 ~ 55 (Adjustable)
Battery Mode Freq. Freq. 50 ± 0.1 Hz
Inverter Overload Capacity 110 % for 5 Minute 150 % 5 Second.
Transfer Time Oms (Normal Mode to Battery Mode), Oms (Normal Mode to Bypass Mode) Crest
Battery Factor 3:01
Batteries Voltage 24 V DC / 36 V 72 V DC 96 V DC 24 V DC / 36 V 72 V DC 96 V DC
Charge Current 2A for Internal Batteries, 6A Max. (Adjustable)
Backup Time Dependent on the Capacity of Batteries (Long Backup Time)
Battery Charge Time Charger to 90 % Battery Capacity in 3 Hours (Standard)
Interface Port (S) RS232 + Dry Contact (DB9) + USB (Optional)
Optional Card SNMP Adaptor
Communicate & Interface  LCD Display Information for Load / Battery / Input / Output and Operating Mode
Audible Alarm Actively Audible Alarm for Utility Failed / Battery Low / Overload Condition
Silence Switch Yes
Environmental Noise Level 0 - 40°C 0 - 40°C
Operating Temp. 0 - 40°C
Storage Temp. -20°C ~ 55°C
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95 % Humidity, Non - Condensing
Physical Operating Elevation 3,000 Meters
Installation Rack & Tower (2 - in - 1)
Dimension (D x W x H) 395 x 1 10 x 260 mm (for UPS); 425 x 110 x 260 (for Battery Pack)
Net Weight (kg) w/o Battery 6.5 7 7.5 12 13.5 13.5


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Instant Blackout Rotection

According to study by Bell Labs, under voltage & sudden dips represent the majority of power problem. Wide Input range & Online design of " MAESTRO" UPS prevent data loss caused by outrages & brown outs.

Salient Features :

MAESTRO UPS are available in following configuration :

» Stand Alone True Online UPS. (MX-S)
» Dual Redundant Hot Standby type UPS. (MX-HS)
» Parallel Redundant Load sharing type UPS. (MX PRS)

Computer Grade Line Conditioning with Isolation

Superior full time isolation is built into all “Uniline” UPS. Output is fully isolated by double conversion & isolation transformer. No need to have extra isolation transformer as required for Imported Systems.Remote Monitoring & Control through SNMP / Internet also possible at extra cost. (Optional)

Network Interface Port

Provided the security of an automatic shut down to all major network operating systems including Novells, Window NT/ Window, Unix etc. Linux (optional kit may be required).


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Features of T PRO Parallel Operation

Parallel features optional depending on customer requirements, Each unit fitted with a bypass static switch. An extra isolated parallel board. Accurate current sharing by using DSP based advanced algorithm. Ring connection Sensing the remove of the parallel cable. Hot swap / Easy power upgrade. Observing the whole system on each unit's LCD Panel. Standing / Stopping the whole system on each unit's front panel. Automatic bypass transfer when external bypass switch used. Synchronization of two separate parallel groups / units.

Communication Solutions

A wide range of common communication option are available with T PRO UPS that ensure your command and control over the installed UPS system wherever they are located worldwide.

Standard Properties

Optional Accessories :

Today's embedded applications demand a unique set of feature, product life cycle and performance. MAESTRO follows new technologies & needs of today's contemporary life T PRO UPS is designed to meet the growing demands of a new generation of leading-edge embedded products. In addition to offering high performance, flexibility and robust functionality T PRO UPS value is mainly based upon :


Lower overall cost of ownership with high efficiency

Themore efficient the UPS, the less electrical bill you pay. Since a true online UPS runs through energy conversion to supply irs load, a percerntage of the input power is dissipated in the form of heat. An efficient system keeps this loss to maximum so that the gain become high to supply maximum possible energy to the load. T PRO UPS provides upto > 94% efficiency due to high input power factor & Inverter design. As a result , overall costs decrease and life span of the system gets longer.

IGBT Rectifier with PFC (Power Factor Correction)

With the aid of advanced IGBT rectifier, input power factor close to 1 (> 0.99) and input current harmonic distortion less than 3% are achieved resultibg in reduced costs. Ensure clean & sinusoidal input current, avoids polli\ution of the upstream power supply.

Interative Display

A Gorgeous user interface consists of interactive multi-lingual displays. The display above shows energy flow over its mimic diagram and the position of the circuit breakers, all the parameters of input/output and battery Menus are observed on this LCD.