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This is a panel which performs vital functions related to three phase electrical supply. Maestro Phase sequence corrector is used widely for three phase electrical equipments at places where sometimes the phases (R-Y-B) are interchanged from the electrical panel or the electrical board. Due to this problem many three phase equipments suffer faulty operation.

The power scanner in the PSC senses the changing of phases and indicates such failure. Then the contactor comes into working and this device automatically corrects the sequence of the three phases with immediate effect in fraction of a second, hence giving uninterrupted operation of the three phase equipments it has been applied on. These functions are indicated through LED indicators.

These heavy duty equipments comes with the wiring terminals so that its application is easy and hassle free. These equipments come in various ratings ranging from 25 Amp. to 800 Amp.



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This instrument is very useful in the case of phase sequence i.e. R-Y-B change its sequence. The scanner of A/C will switch off the machine. This instrument in shape of small panel, change the incorrect sequence in to correct with immediate dffect automatically. thus results in continues operaion of A/C. This can be mounted with mains to A/cl

Power Scanner cum phase Seqence Correwctor : Ths panel which does bothh the function of scanner and phase sequence Correctors : It is useful whee there is no Scanner in the three phase A/C.

Optional Double Scanner:

Maestro Phase Sequence Correctors come with optional multiple features. These equipments can be fitted with double multiple Maestro Scanners which provides the equipments with the following protections:
1) Reverse Phasing Protection
2) Single phasing Protection
3) Under Voltage protection
4) Over Voltage Protection
5) Neutral Leakage Indication.
This Multifunction Versatile device has various applications in critical areas and is used widely across many industries.


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It is a very versatile instrument to be used with three phase power to their advantage.Elegant looking sleek power scanner system has neon lights indicating the following exclusive features: