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Servo Voltage Stabilizer (1 KVA to 2000 KVA)

Servo voltage stabilizers are designed and tested as per IS Standards (IS9815 / IS20026) under high end test lab facilities. These are produced in various capacities and voltage ranges according to the needs of our customers. These are equipped with digital micro processor based technology and designed with heavy duty auto variable , buck boost transformers and solid state components for better efficiency and low maintenance . Maestro servo voltage stabilizers are robust, durable and designed to perform efficiently for many years.

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Technical Specification


It is equipped with an advanced Micro-controller technology and self controllable and programmable design. There are various parameters which can be programmed through push buttons.


When it comes to defining the levels of protection for Low Voltage and High Voltage, it is very easy and yet powerful to do so by the user himself. Time Delay Relay is programmable from 1 sec . to 180 sec . through push buttons.

Programming Mode (Optional Features)

In this mode programming can be done to control and adjust various parameters . To enter in this mode two buttons Input and Auto/Man. are required to be pressed simultaneously. When pressed together display shows "LO".
Low Cut : Here programming mode has initiated. Now press one at a time out of these two bottons. One acts as decrease and another one act as a increase Button. Set this reading to the desired low cut voltage. This reading is stored in memory. This reading can be made to set from 100V - 210V.
High Cut : Now again press both buttons together, display shows "Hi". Here High Voltage cut off can be set with the help of same buttons by pressing individually. This reading can be made to set from 220V - 280V.
Time Delay Relay : Now again press both buttons together, display shows "TDR". Here time after which relay should trun ON after every cold start or cutoff start. Time Delay can be set with the help of same buttons by pressing individually . This reading can be made to set from 1-180 sec.


Tolerance Setting: (Caution : This is strictly to be done by a skilled technician and only if necessary) Behind the front panel there are two pots on the PBC. These are visible if seen from top. Out of these two pots is sealed and another can be tuned. If tuned in one direction, motor starts hunting and then from here tune it reverse such that (i) Motor just stop hunting and here it is with minimum tolera nce. But here with a slight fluctuation in voltage it will start correcting. In this way life of carbon brush is also affected. (ii) Tune it little further to achieve required hysteresis tolerance. Normally it is tuned have a tolerance of +/-3V.


Display Window : In normal operation it shows the output voltage however when input button is pressed then it shows the input voltage
HIGH : It is on when Servo varian has reached at its High extreme.
Low : It is on when Servo varian has reached at its Low extreme.
Mains : OFF : Servo output relay is off. / ON : Servo output relay is on.
Blinking : Time Delay for the relay is in action. After set time it is going to turn ON.

Servo Motor Movement

Input : It is On whenever Input Push Button is Pressed. And during this time digital display reading shows Input voltage otherwise it is output voltage in normal operation.
Auto : It is On when Servo is operating in Auto mode.
Man : It is On when Servo is operating in Manual Mode.

Push Button/Setting

Input : Input : This button when pressed, shows the input voltage in the digital display window.
Auto/ Man : This button is used to toggle between Auto mode and Manual Mod e. It get to Auto mode Immediately with the press of button but for going to Manual mode from Auto It waits for some time (3-4 Sec.) for this button to be pressed continually. It has been done intentionally to make sure that this is intentional switching by an authorised person.
Buck : This used to lower the voltage when in Manual mode.
Boost : This is used to raise the voltage when in Manual mode.
This is for the purpose of adjusting the required output voltage. There is a pot inside this which can be tuned to reach at desired output voltage. Servo makes sure that it maintains that voltage with the +/- a hysteresis tolerance. Normally this can be set from 200V to 250V.